Ishan Nagpal
Ishan Nagpal

Ishan Nagpal

lvl 26 engineer

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who am i?

ever wonder why we think we're one thing one day and something totally different the next? yeah, same here. it's like our minds are on a never-ending road trip without a map.

>>> back in the day, i was all about…

>>> but these days, i’m more about:

  • hacking away with LLMs in my bedroom,
  • image
  • dreaming up pre-singularity ideas from my couch,
  • being a relentless AI optimist,
  • getting lost in podcasts and content about human history,
  • trying to notice patterns in everything around me and being proven that I don’t.

projects i worked on recently…

  • dev ape 🦍: an AI maintainer for high-volume, open-source repositories on github
  • ai pull request reviewer: open-source github actions workflow for AI-powered code reviews
  • a web app that picks songs based on your mood and gives you stats about your Spotify habits
  • shell-whisperer: a python library on pypi for writing commands on the terminal in plain english

favorite tweets right now


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